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Legs in Jeans

Framework of GAP


  • Identify target audience

  • Ascertain the best intervention for the target audience using district office personnel, recent data on target audience and open dialogue with community outreach partners

  • Communicate to the Board, GAP Chairs and Community Outreach helpers strategies that will be used

  • Develop criteria and strategies for recognition of achievement

  • Recruit and train community members who will serve

  • Work with District Personnel to assist with facilitating intervention

  • Track and monitor students who are receiving the intervention

  • Create methodology to assess the intervention

  • Be a liaison between District Office personnel and other Task Force Chairs, when none of the chairs are a part of the District Office Staff


Community Outreach

  • Work closely with the Academic Intervention & Recognition Chairs

  • Plan and execute activities that support the academic intervention

  • Get volunteers, tutors, mentors for the intervention work to be done

  • Assist with training of volunteers

  • Provide cultural activities/entertainment

  • Direct parents/students about places to go to get help

  • Collaborate with other community agencies providing services to the students of Alamance County


Recognition of Achievement

  • Assist in developing criteria for awards for target audience

  • Ascertain the type of award(s) and amount of funding for them

  • Work closely with the Intervention and Community Outreach Chairs

  • Secure Venue

  • Secure Caterer

  • Develop and/or Design Program for the evening which caters to the target audience

  • Secure Funding for the Recognition Events

  • Invite Parents and Winners and others to the recognition event(s)

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